Dry Ginger

Dry ginger, also known as dried ginger or powdered ginger, is derived from fresh ginger root. Ginger originated in Southeast Asia and is now cultivated in various tropical regions worldwide.

Dry ginger has a warm, spicy flavour with a hint of sweetness. It is a versatile spice used in both savoury and sweet dishes. Dry ginger is commonly used in curries, marinades, stir-fries, baked goods, and beverages like ginger tea. It adds a zingy and aromatic kick, enhancing the overall taste profile.SpiceNest offers premium quality dry ginger, carefully sourced from reputable suppliers.



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Botanical Name : ZINGIBER


Ginger is usually available in three different forms:

  • Fresh Root Ginger
  • Preserved Ginger in brine or Syrup
  • Dried Ginger Spice.

English: Ginger
German: Ingwer
French: Gingembre
Italian: Zenzero
Spanish: Jengibre
Swedish: Ingefära
Russian: Имбирь
Portuguese: Ruiva
Hindi: अदरक
Mandarin Chinese: 姜


Processing Of Dried Ginger :

Ginger can be harvested about 5 months after planting, but it is still immature at this stage. After 7 months, the rhizomes will become less tender and the flavour will be overpowering. Most mature rhizomes for drying are harvested at 8 to 9 months of age, when they have a strong aroma and flavour. If harvested after this date, the fibre content will be too high.