Henna Leaves

Henna is a flowering plant commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and Asia. The leaves of the plant are used to make a paste that can be applied to hair, skin, and nails. Henna is a natural dye that is often used to colour hair and create temporary tattoos.

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Senna consists of trees, shrubs, and herbs. The pinnate leaves have paired leaflets that face each other. The fluorescent We are engaged in the import and export of henna leaves that are offered in various package sizes. The main reasons that presented henna leaves are valued are their excellent colouring and conditioning qualities. Due to its antifungal qualities, henna leaves are used in many different types of shampoos, hair dyes, and colours. Henna is known by its botanical name, Lawsonia intermis. It is referred to as heena, al-khanna, al-henna, Egyptian privet, henne, jamaica mignonette, mehndi, mendee, and smooth lawsonia in different parts of the world. Our team of knowledgeable experts supports us in providing the highest calibre henna leaves.

The advantages of henna leaves
  • binds and penetrates keratin in hair
  • Naturally condition hair
  • Pack of sealed pouches for moisture
  • There are several Lawson contents accessible.
  • Discover the true beauty of hairs.
  • tested according to precise quality standards
  • Have no ammonia changes drab hair to lustrous
Product Henna Leaves
Place of Origin Green
Quality Finest
Material Collection Pure Leaves
Style Fresh Crop
Type Henna Powder
Certification Spices Board, APEDA.
Product Type Powder, Whole